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What is a makerspace

Also known as hackerspaces, hackspaces, and fablabs, makerspaces are creative, DIY places where people with common interests gather to create, invent, collaborate, and learn. In an open community lab, workbench, machine shop, or workshop environment, people share resources and knowledge. Makerspaces often have 3D printers and various fabrication tools, and related software, electronics, craft and hardware supplies, and more.
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Maker Fest

A family-friendly event to showcase the creativity and ingenuity of the Maker movement.

BiscuitBot Challenge

Challenge Build a bot or device that can launch or push a shuffleboard disc (aka a biscuit) down the length of the shuffleboard court, landing the biscuit inside the scoring area. The winner will be determined from the cumulative score of 3 slides down the court.


St. Pete Maker Fest

Posted on 12/20/2014

10am - 5pm
St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club
$5 admission, kids free, free parking

A family-friendly event to showcase the creativity and ingenuity of the Maker movement.... Read More

Crafts & Drafts at the Shuffleboard Club

Posted on 11/15/2014

Creative Loafing's Crafts & Drafts on Saturday, Nov 15 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club. We will be selling 3D printed Beer tags of all your favorite local breweries. Read More

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